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Smart Data Recovery Enterprise, a remote data recovery utility perform deleted data recovery task over computer network remotely. This Smart Data Recovery Enterprise tools is a powerful data recovery tools which enable to scan remote drive for deleted files and preview those deleted files and eventually recover them.

This remote data recovery tools is more suitable for those work as network administrator which the administrator able scan hard drive remotely over network with a direct connection between the admin and client computer. Plus more, the client computer require to install a software that initiates the connection to the admin computer. That connection can be initiated manually or automatically.

Once the connection is established, the administrator can use Smart Data Recovery Enterprise GUI to scan the client hard drives. Meanwhile, the administrator can configure the tools to find only files that match the pattern. The application is capable of detecting all remote hard disks – FAT 32 /16 and NTFS and verifies the data that have been erased to recover exactly what is needed.

Smart data recovery enterprise

Once finish scanning on the remote hard disk, there will display list of files found inside the client hard disk can be recovery. The list of files will be display on directory structure form on left panel while right pane contains the files that have been found. Then you can start recover any files including MS Office files, photos, mp3 and zip files, etc.

Smart data recovery enterprise - remote data recovery tools

This Smart Data Recovery Enterprise tools is useful especially for system administrators to secure corporate networks against data loss that occurs when the users accidentally delete files. Meanwhile, this recovery tools support Windows 2000 , XP and vista. The best part is this recovery tools is free for use.

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